Stick War Hacked Game

The game Stick War is about natives in the big world Inamorate, there are five country. You are from
land called ‘Order ’; Archidonis – archers land; ‘Speartons’ – spearman land; ‘Swordwrath’-swordman
land; ‘Magikill’ – mage land.
The game Stick War hacked is strategy and who loves strategy games must try to play it. In every unit your army
have to survive, the army consists of stick figures. You can find there Stick Men- miner, archer,
spearman, mage, swordman.
Your way to survive is to attack the neighborhoods and after destroying their monuments you are
winner. Empires defeated by your army left their native land and now are awaiting in hills. But you have
got defeated enemys technology and weapon to became stronger, step by step. Also you have to build
up an army and create a miner to boost your own economy.